This gives Motivational Monday a whole new meaning.

Our organization works in the greater Atlanta area to bring low-income children up to grade level on their reading skills. We have already impacted the lives of thousands of children. With your involvement through our read-aloud program, we will be able to make an even bigger difference.


You may ask, how do we improve child literacy?

Everybody Wins! takes several approaches to tackle the fundamentally important issue of child literacy. Together with our companionate volunteers and sponsors, we hold book drives in order to put books in the hands of the children who normally have the least access to reading materials.


The Power Lunch program—a volunteer-based read-aloud program—is how our volunteers utilize the most invaluable tool in improving child literacy: reading aloud together.


Our Story Time program makes books come alive with live performances by professional storytellers who travel to schools in Cobb, Dekalb, Fulton, and Gwinnett counties.


So, how does your company fit in with all of this?

Volunteers read with students at Garden Hills Elementary School (located in Buckhead) or Parkside Elementary (near East Atlanta) on Mondays from 11:30am – 1pm during the school day.


Each volunteer will read with 1-2 students from 1st or 2nd graders who are struggling to read and assist them with a short assessment to determine their comprehension of the material read. Read-aloud programs like these are proven to have a powerful positive impact on literacy.


Companies may also choose to conduct a storytelling experience for the entire class. In this program 1-2 volunteers would read aloud to the entire class. A brief volunteer training will take place before each reading session.


Why is this so important?

Two-thirds of fourth-grade children in Georgia are not at a proficient reading level. Based on statistics from previous years, an estimated two-thirds of children who are not proficient in reading by fourth grade will end up incarcerated or on welfare. Early childhood is an extremely critical time in which children’s futures are determined for them on many levels. Credible studies have shown that the single most effective way to improve literacy is to read aloud with the child. The goal of Everybody Wins! is to improve literacy by making students want to read. The end game is to better children’s futures from their beginnings. We hope that share our passion regarding this vital issue and we extend our hand for partnership with your organization.


How do you get involved?  

First, determine the length of your volunteer experience: 1-to-1 OR Classroom reading.

Second, identify the number of volunteers available to read between 11:30am – 1pm.

Finally, contact Tiffany Tolbert at [email protected] for more information.


The Monday Reading Program resumes September 10, 2018.