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Fed Reserve Book Drive march 2024

This gives Motivational Monday a whole new meaning.

Our organization works in the greater Atlanta area to bring children up to grade level on their reading skills. We have already impacted the lives of thousands of children. With your involvement through our read-aloud program, we'll make an even bigger difference.

You may ask, how do we improve child literacy?

Everybody Wins! takes several approaches to tackle the fundamentally important issue of child literacy.

The Home Library Project is supported by book drives held by our compassionate volunteers and sponsors. With the books, we are able to put books in the hands of children who normally have the least access.

The Power Lunch program—a volunteer-based read-aloud program—is how our volunteers utilize the most invaluable tool in improving child literacy: reading aloud together.


So, how does your company fit in with all of this?

Corporate Reading is a 3-hour volunteer experience that bridges reading and career success. Your group of 10-25 co-workers will gather at a local Title I elementary school to share the love of reading! After a brief orientation and book selection, we'll break into small groups to read aloud to classes. Students benefit from interacting with community professionals like yourself, and you will leave with a smile knowing you made an impact!

There is no cost to the school. To help cover our costs, we ask for a company donation or sponsorship, and/or a book drive to benefit EWA programs.


Why is this so important?

Early childhood is an extremely critical time in which children’s futures are determined for them on many levels. Credible studies have shown that the single most effective way to improve literacy is to read aloud with the child. The goal of Everybody Wins! is to improve literacy by making students want to read, and you can play a part in that! We extend our hand for partnership with you!


How do you get involved?  

Schedule your Corporate Reading Day by contacting or give us a call at 470-355-4078